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Why Mail Order Marijuana Is Still Prevalent

Mail Order Marijuana Canada
Source: No Bad Haze

When talks about legalization of cannabis first did the rounds in Canada, one of the biggest promises was to reduce organized crime. It is unfortunate that despite the various benefits of cannabis, it has been widely dominated by the black market. Authorities believed that the legalization will bring about a big change in the scenario and profits will redirect from the lawbreakers to the authorized vendors and government.

Now, that the legalization has already come into effect, it is noted that illegal vendors have no intention of shutting down their operations. Some of the businesses even seem to have future plans which indicate that they are actually planning on expansion rather than closing operations. Before we go ahead, let’s first take a look at what is MOM (mail order marijuana).

What Is MOM?

While cannabis has been legalized recently, their sales have been rampant for decades through the black market, both offline and online. The sale of marijuana that took place through the online black market has been dominated by MOMs or their businesses. These are illegal establishments that offer Canadians various alternatives to products and the prices offered by legal retailers.

The reason why the mail order marijuana became so popular is, that the customers have the easy accessibility to buy marijuana online without having to leave their homes. Although illegal and several MOM establishments having to face the wrath of the law, the black market grew and expanded beyond limits. As a result, the provincial governments realized the demand for selling legal cannabis online and this led to the development of various online stores with the intention of taking over the online black market.

The market analysts believe that after the legalization of marijuana, the sale of online cannabis will increase substantially. However, given that MOM has its roots deep into the black market, the biggest question is regarding the ability of legal online retailers to compete with black market vendors that offer an incredibly low rate, steep discount on products, and an extensive range of strains. These factors are enough to lure the buyers towards the black market.

What Are The Benefits Of MOM?

The mail order marijuana business has an upper edge over the legal online cannabis industry. It has now legalized the entire gamut of marijuana products. For example, several concentrates and edibles have not been legalized by citing the need for more research and education. As a result, a large part of the cannabis market is pushed towards the illegal operations.

The legal marijuana market is also struggling with its price structures when compared with the MOMs. For example, there are certain taxes levied on the cannabis products sold legally through online sites. The MOMs offer much customer-friendly pricing that not only excludes the taxes but also offers a much lower price per gram of marijuana.

Despite numerous legal stores selling marijuana, both online and offline, the black market MOMs are still continuing to operate with two main objectives. First, to convince the masses to purchase from them and secondly, to prove that legal sources will not benefit them.

We hope that the government will realize the need to not just legalize marijuana but also offer a wide range of products at affordable rates. This is the only way to make the masses stop buying from the black market and opt for legal marijuana.